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Having grown up in the Geelong Region in a loving and supportive family, Nicole experienced trauma fairly early on in life. At the age of 11 she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted from a train station carpark. This single event has been the catalyst for Nicole suffering anxiety for most of her life. She has experienced sexual assault several times in her life, again at 16 and 18.

At age 16 Nicole started drinking heavily to self-medicate. Putting herself in harmful situations, and becoming increasingly reliant on alcohol, Nicole continued on this path until the age of 30 when she decided to get sober.

During her 15 years of alcohol abuse, Nicole managed to maintain study and careers in Accounting, Law and then Community Services, managing Wyngate Care which works directly with people with disabilities, aged care, mental health, drug and alcohol, youth, homeless, children and families, for the past 14 years, and eventually buying the company 10 years ago.

Since getting sober, Nicole has worked tirelessly over the past 7 years to gain control of her life, using a holistic approach to her own healing. Picking up regular meditation practice (which she began at age 16 and credits for saving her life many times over), Nicole stepped back onto the spiritual path, using many eastern techniques such as reiki, yoga, acupuncture, kinesiology, holistic counselling/coaching, meditation/creative visualisation, personal development/positive thinking, and muscle testing techniques through the Spiral and Compass programs.

Starting a further two companies in this time, D&M Connect which provides training and consulting to the Community Services sector and Empowered Liveability which builds Specialist Disability Accommodation, doing meaningful heartfelt work, has been the catalyst for a lot of healing. Not just following her passions, but living from her core values, and building business practices around those values to ensure she is always working in alignment with her highest truth.

Over this time, Nicole has worked with many people who have been on the same path she has, with similar backgrounds to her with sexual assault, drug and alcohol, anxiety and post traumatic stress issues. Helping others has inevitably helped Nicole heal herself, learning from experience, growing with her clients. Specialising in women in business that have trauma, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug abuse issues blocking them from building their business.

Meeting her husband Christian in 2007 and their subsequent relationship, marriage and now sharing parenthood, has been her steepest learning curve, finding someone who not only understands where she has been, but who also shares the same commitment to self healing and recovery.

Together they have helped each other, and so many people achieve similar outcomes, and empowered many people to take positive action to their own healing, to take control, and take responsibility for themselves and their mental well-being.

They now run workshops together, and also do one on one or group counselling.

Nicole's Companies

Wyngate Care

Nicole has owned Wyngate Care for 10 years, which has been an absolute rollercoaster ride! Specialising in direct care work to the disability, aged care, mental health, drug & alcohol, homeless, and child, family and youth sectors, Nicole has 20+ staff working directly with the communities most vulnerable people.

Having to learn how to run a business from the ground up, Nicole has worked in all aspects of her business, from direct care, to reception, to accounts, before moving into management, and eventually taking over as CEO.

The knowledge Nicole gained while building this business has been invaluable, and has given her insight into every aspect of running a business that was about to go under, to getting it back onto its feet and into an enviable position

To visit Wyngate Care go to

D M Connect

D&M Connect is a consulting firm specialising in Community Services vocational education. In partnership with her sister Kelly Makin, the company was started so the pair could start putting on courses to train Wyngate Care staff.

Since then it has grown into a profitable service of its own, running courses in Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Community Services in Geelong and Melbourne

To visit D&M Connect go to

Empowered Liveability

Nicole run's Empowered Liveability in conjunction with co-directors Goro Gupta and Joseph Sulfaro. Empowered Liveability is one of the first companies to provide complete disability housing solutions that are compliant with the current NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation.

Combining many years experience within Disability Service Provision, Aged Care, Mental Health, Community Services, Housing, Finance, Property Management and Property Strategy, to bring people with disability the best living solution’s, that we project manage, from start to finish. We work as the Accommodation Partners for providers and tenants looking for living solutions in specialist disability accommodation.

To visit Empowered Liveability go to